Merchandising that Listens. Product Suggestions that Convert!

Morphandize™ technology is subject of pending U.S. and international patents.

What it is
Morphandize™ is a methodology and program that makes effective product recommendations, leading to higher conversion rates and bigger average orders. It can suggest similar products, suggest up-sell products and even up-sell offers.

How it works
Morphandize™ works by "listening" to the shopper, based on their browsing behavior to figure out how that shopper defines their need. Usually it can collect enough information within the first few clicks into your catalog to make effective recommendations. In testing, more than 30% of all orders came as a result of a Morphandize™ recommendation - and Morphandize™ was responsible for conversion rate increases of up to 200%!

Why it's better
Other technologies for product recommendations rely on what is referred to as "collective wisdom". This means that they watch for common patterns in shopper behavior and make recommendations based on what other shoppers liked. This is not nearly as effective as Morphandize™ because what other shoppers liked will not apply to all (or even most) shoppers. Morphandize™ uses a sophisticated set of rules to figure out how the current shopper defines their need, making it much more accurate for a larger percentage of shoppers.

Learn more
You can read more about Morphandize™ technology on the Morphandize™ website, or contact us. Suite Spot Commerce is the ONLY online retail platform to have Morphandize™ technology fully integrated.

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