Guaranteed Returns on Every Dollar!

You heard right! We actually guarantee the rate of return on your marketing budget - up to 200%.

For every marketing dollar you spend with us, we’ll guarantee you gross margins on sales at up to 200%.

If we miss the mark, we’ll refund the difference!

When we exceed the mark, we get a bonus.

With guaranteed returns, you’re paying for performance, not attempts.

Certain conditions apply, and not all retailers will qualify. Basic conditions include:

  • You must have a strong unique selling position
  • You must have completed a comprehensive retail site analysis, and implemented any key recommendations
  • You must have a full formal marketing plan that we approve (we can research and author one for you - included free on marketing budgets over $7K per month)
  • You must be willing to commit a minimum $3,500 per month marketing budget for one year
  • Guarantee is based on marketing dollars spent, versus gross margin (the gross profit between the retail sale price of products sold, minus the cost of goods)
  • Guarantee rate is different for every retailer and a specific offer will be made after the formal marketing plan has been reviewed/authored
  • We reserve the right to accept or decline retailers for this program at our discretion.
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