Retail Site Analysis Services
Our experts have helped many small retailers grow to booming success stories - even in the worst of economic conditions. Your e-retail analyst is a seasoned veteran, with a track record of consistent success.
Our Analysis:
  • is completely researched, analyzed and authored by your analyst - it's not an automated process
  • is completely unique - no two retailers are the same, nor should any two analysis be the same
  • uses real data from your site and research, combined with your analysts expert opinion
  • analyzes over 1800 key data points around your site, merchandising, marketing and loyalty strategies
  • makes specific recommendations - with estimations of sales gains to be expected from those recommendations
  • yields a detailed blue print for success, in easily understood layman's terms
Key Analysis Topics:
Merchandising and Shopper Abandonment Analysis
If you have plenty of shoppers coming to your site, but are not reaching sales expectations - you have abandonment issues. Our experts will review your site on more than 1500 key metrics to discover why your shoppers aren't completing orders as often as you would like.
Shopping Cart & Checkout Abandonment Analysis
You've worked hard and spent good marketing money to get them into the cart - or even into checkout. So why don't the place their order from there? Small changes to cart abandonment rates can often have a huge impact on sales revenue! Find out why, and start improving your sales today!
Marketing Strategy Analysis
If you're not getting enough shoppers, or your shoppers aren't converting to orders as often as you need, it's time to analyze your acquisition strategies. Discover strategies to rapidly increase new shopper traffic, with strong returns.
Loyalty Strategy Analysis
The average customer costs $24 to acquire. For most retailers, long term profitability is hinged on repeat orders. Many times just a minute increase in average repeat orders is the key to substantial profits. Learn how to maximize the long-term value of your hard earned customer base!
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