Comprehensive Online Retail Analysis
1-2 Weeks
See Sample Report
This analysis by our online retail experts will give you practical advice on how to increase sales growth rapidly:
  • Improve the ROI of your ad campaigns
  • Acquire more well targeted shopprs
  • Increase the percentage of shoppers that place orders
  • Increase the size of the average order
  • Reduce cart & checkout abandonment
Clients that implement our recommendations from this analysis often increase their sales dramatically:
  • 186% GROWTH year over last
  • From launch to six-figure sales in 90 days!
  • 42% sales GROWTH in 90 days
Our experts analyze your retail site and marketing strategies on more than 1800 key points and deliver a the results in a document that's in plain English. We will analyze:
  • How you acquire shoppers today
  • What other marketing strategies will be successful for you
  • How well your site converts shoppers today (and how to improve conversions)
  • Your loyalty strategies and how to increase loyalty sales
We will require you to supply us with some important data necessary for the analysis:
  • Visitor traffic volume per month for the past three months
  • Sales quantity and dollar volume per month for the past three months
  • Number of carts created per month for the past three months (if available)
  • Other non-statistical information about your company and products as needed.
The analysis process takes 1-2 weeks to complete. You will need to be available via phone for an initial interview, and via email for questions during the analysis. You should also plan to spend an hour discussing the analysis results when it is completed.
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