The merchandising 101 of e-retailing that can make or break your venture

1.Think Like Your Customer
2.Don't Run With Turkeys
3.Use Cross-Sell Effectively
4.If I Can't Find It...You Ain't Got It!
5.Why Should I Buy From YOU?
6.Every Product's Worth a Picture
7.You Gotta Be Easy
8.Create an Impulse To Buy
9.If They Wanted to Call...
10.Learn to Feed the Need!

Why Should I Buy From YOU?

Your Unique Selling Position ("USP") is the reason that shoppers would buy from you, instead of your competitors.

Maybe it’s your lower price point, or perhaps greater expertise in the product line, or better after sale service, or something else. Whatever your USP is, it should be demonstrated throughout the entirety of your merchandising.

I have it on my home page...

A shopper may have come to your site through a link from a search engine or another website, that directs them deep into your site. You cannot assume that a shopper will start on your home page (most don’t). If a shopper is viewing your home page, a department page with a list of products, or the details for a particular product – your USP should be clear immediately, at all times.

No matter where I am on your site, a case should be made for why I would buy from you instead of a competitor.

It's not good enough to say it, you've got to demonstrate it!

There is a big difference between claiming to have a unique selling position, and demonstrating it. You can tell me you have the best prices, but unless you demonstrate it by showing me your price next to your competitors’ price, I’m likely to take your claim with a grain of salt.

Everyone claims to be the best – you’ve got to prove it.

Assuming that price point is your USP, your department pages should list every product with your price, and a comparison price – demonstrating value. Your site’s header should probably indicate in its text or graphic composition that you have the best prices. When viewing the details of a product, I should see a case for the value of the price point as well.

Every USP can be demonstrated somehow on every page view. For example, if your company’s expertise concerning highly technical products is your value proposition – you might demonstrate that by linking buying guides, or FAQs (“how to select the right widget for you…”) from your department pages, and individual products.

Further advice:

If you have questions about how to define your unique selling position, or how to communicate it effectively, contact our retail analysts for some insights.

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